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If your looking for research backed information on health and fitness you’ve come to the right place. But this site is more than just quoting research. I take a hard in depth look at the health headlines and the research behind it. Too often I’ve seen headlines and articles based on flawed research or ones that misquote the actual research. So this site goes behind the headlines to unmask the truth about the research their quoting.
I also analyze the research itself to see if there are flaws or conflicts with other research. Something most press articles almost never do. With this information I hope to provide the reader the resources they need to optimize their workout time so that they can obtain the healthiest body possible in the shortest possible time. If you get confused about the often contradictory health headlines, then this is the website for you. Go to the research articles page to see all the topics I am (or will be) discussing. I’ve also added a cliff notes version of the research articles for a quick read in my Blog Intro.