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Welcome to Sci Tech Fitness. My name is Joe Centrone and I’ve combined a high aptitude in statistics, analysis and research, with an 38 year on again off again passion for health and fitness, to bring everyone the very best research backed fitness advice. I am not a personal trainer or exercise physiologist or someone blessed with great athletic genes. But in many ways this gives me a better prospective as to what the average person faces in terms of fitness and health. As I do not want to spend hours in the gym seeking the perfect body, not to mention that most of us don’t have the genes to attain that perfect body, no matter how much gym time we log. What I do want is to find the most effective and time efficient ways to exercise to produce the greatest effect on both the quality and quantity of life. I’ve probably spent over 1,000 hours in the last few years searching the web for research that provides the answers I was looking for. I wanted to share with the world the surprising answers I found so that everyone could benefit from my work. With the exception of the one product on the premium page, this website is completely free. Because there are no advertisements on this website and I do not receive any endorsement compensation, the articles and information on this website are completely unbiased and not influenced by outside forces. I hope to continue to bring you in depth, unbiased articles in order to combat the often times misleading information by the mainstream fitness media. I have too often found the health headlines mis-quoting the latest research just to sell magazines with sensational headlines. Not to mention the too often non-science backed advice given by so called “fitness professionals”. THE ANSWERS ARE ALREADY OUT THERE, YOU JUST HAVE TO PUT FORTH THE EFFORT TO FIND THEM!
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