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Want to compare your cardio machine workout to the speed of th average runner in a 5k race? The chart below shows the watt equivalent you’d have to average on a cardio machine to match the calorie burn per minute for each age group . It also shows the MET intensity.
Example: If you are a 42 year old man, you’d have to average 197 watts per minute in order to equal the per minute calorie burn for a 5k runner in that age group. NOTE: These figures are based on the average weight of the 5k runners being 171 pounds for a man and 131 for a woman and have an additional adjustment for age. Your MET intensity may be different for your weight, however the Watts and calories burned will remain the same. For your personal MET intensity result, refer to the calculator above.
This calculator is used to calculate your Vo2 Max based on the average watts for the last 6 minutes on an exercise machine when conducting a Vo2 Max self-test. I took this test on an Octane Fitness 3700 elliptical and recorded the machine’s screen. I know that the watt readout on this elliptical is accurate because my Vo2 max test score was very close to what the below calculator predicts. The accuracy of the watt readout on other machines is unknown. Even other Octane Fitness machines may be very inacurate. Such as the Octane Fitness sit down elliptical, which would give me much higher watts and calories burned at much lower heart rates than the 3700 machine. So I know that that machine is highly inaccurate. Therefore I strongly suggest you take this test only on an Octane Fitness 3700/4700 machine. For more on this machine see my article entitled “The Ultimate Exercise Machine”. To conduct the test start with resistance level 3 and increase the resistance by 1 unit every 2 minutes until exhaustion. You’ll need to video record the readout on the machine (or have a friend do it). Then look at the last 6 minutes on the video and write down the watts readout every 10 seconds or every time the watts readout alternates with another readout (varies by machine). Then add all the watts together and divide by the number of times you wrote the watts down. Enter that result in “Average watts for 6 minutes box” and then enter your weight and hit enter. The result is an accurate estimate of your V02 Max. Compare your result to the chart below to see how you rate. I invented and tested this method while taking an actual V02 max test and the results were nearly identical. I’ll have more on this in the near future in the blog section. CAUTION: DO NOT ATTEMPT A VO2 MAX SELF-TEST UNLESS YOU ARE SURE YOU ARE IN GOOD PHYSICAL CONDITION AND HAVE BEEN DOING AEROBIC EXERCISE FOR A WHILE. IT’S STRONGLY ADVISED TO HAVE A FRIEND PRESENT DURING THIS IN CASE YOU BECOME DISTRESSED.
Vo2 Max Calculator
Fill in the required fields to find out your resting metabolic rate and hit enter. In the gender field be sure to capitalize the first letter. This calculator will tell you the number of calories you burn at rest each day.
The calculator below is based on this study which shows how strong a man should be to achieve the lowest mortality rate. It’s based on a percentage of one’s body weight. The calculator will tell you the one rep max and approximate 8 rep max you need to achieve this. Higher strength levels than these were not associated with any further decrease in mortality. Fill in your body weight (either lbs or kg) and hit enter.
The Association Between Strength and Early Mortality
The AfterBurn Workout
Average 5k Run Times to Calories Burned & Watts Equivalent Converter
This calculator will tell you the true number of calories you burn on cardio machines. As long as the machine gives you the correct average watts you generated during your workout session. I tested the Octane Fitness 3700/4700 elliptical and found their watt data to be accurate. If you enter your basal metabolic rate and weight from the calculator above it will also give you your MET intensity and the equivalent miles run. Note; There will be some small differences in the results with this calculator and the ‘Average 5K Times” below. This is because the chart below has an additional adjustment for age.