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Mets: Everything you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask . Plus: What mortality rate really means. Aerobic Exercise Vs High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT): Which is best for your health and weight loss. The shocking truth behind the lay press headlines. An in depth analysis. How much cardio exercise do you need for maximum health benefits? What the science says. Two different types of studies yield somewhat different conclusions and the optimal intensity is different for men and women. What long term studies say about weight training and muscle gains. The studies that the muscle mags and fitness industry don’t want you to see. Is losing weight as simple as calories in calories out? PLUS: the most important physiological response to diet & exercise that no one ever heard of: NEAT (nonexercise activity thermogenesis). After you read this you’ll understand why you stop losing weight even though you’re continuing to diet and exercise. Which is better at reducing fat Weight training or Aerobics? It’s no contest! Is it better to be fit & fat or unfit & thin? Two studies provide the surprising answers Weight Training vs Aerobics vs Both: Effect on Men’s & Women’s Mortality Rate The Ultimate Fitness Machine THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO USING THE ULTIMATE FITNESS MACHINE Which Indoor cardio machines are the best calorie burners, what the studies say Exercise Responders & Nonresponders: A better way to look at the effect that exercise has on weight loss Upcoming Articles The optimum number of times a week to train a muscle: What research studies says. Diet vs cardio vs weight resistance: Which is best for weight loss? What the research says. Heart rate training: Which is the best training zone to train in for overall health? Don’t believe the headlines. How research studies conclusions are often misquoted by the lay press and why you should always read the study they are referring to. My review and opinion of of my DNA Fit test. Can the test tell you what exercises best suits your genetics? The answer is complicated. Examining the different ways to determine your healthy weight Examining the different ways to determine your maximum heart rate. What the science says about protein supplements and muscle mass gains. Are we getting enough sunshine? The surprising epidemic of low vitamin D caused by sunscreens and lack of time outdoors and the implications to our health. Battle of the workout calorie counters. Comparing the ellipitical machine calories burned computer to the polar beat, an online calculator, and a heart rate app to my actual calories burned with a vo2 max test. There were large variations in each, find out which is the most accurate.
In depth, research backed , fitness information
In depth, research backed , fitness information
Where fitness facts meet fitness fakes
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