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ATTENTION ALL WOMEN! In keeping with the integrity this website is built on, I need to point out that the research studies this workout is based on has only been tested only on men. There is no research that I’m aware of that shows that this workout is either effective or ineffective with women. If you decide to try this workout I urge you share your results in the forum so that other women can learn how effective this workout is for females.
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This page is where you will find the most astounding fitness research discovery I’ve come upon. If you’ve read some of the articles on this site you know that everything in those articles are based on published research. You also know that common exercises do not produce a significant amount of weight loss for most people. Standard weight resistance training in particular does little to nothing to reduce fat for the average person. I have poured over literally hundreds of research papers on diet and exercise and time and time again the research shows little to no fat loss with weight resistance training without dieting. Aerobics is better than weight resistance but even aerobics only has a modest effect on fat loss for most people. According this meta-analysis the average weight loss after 1 year of people that combined exercise with diet was 6.6 pounds more than people that diet alone. Another meta-analysis put that figure at just under 5 pounds. The other facts I’ve uncovered in my research was that the much hyped EPOC, which is just extra calories burned after your workout, was too small to make a significant impact on weight loss. That is why I concluded that the only way exercise can significantly effect weight loss is by dramatically increasing your metabolic rate. So I was astounded when I came upon 3 different European research papers that showed a dramatic increase in EPOC for long periods of time and far more fat loss through exercise only then any research paper I’ve ever seen. All 3 studies used a special kind of high intensity weight resistance training done in a very particular way. The first study I found looked strictly at the change in REE (resting energy expenditure) before performing the exercise and 22 hours after and found an incredible increase of 452 calories over their normal REE. I’ve never seen any other published research come anywhere near this. In this paper the participants were young resistance trained men. Even more incredible was the fact that they only did a total of 7 sets and took only about 23 minutes (32 minutes including warm up). The first study was only done on 2 different exercise days, probably because of the expense of using sophisticated equipment to measure REE. The second and third papers looked at changes in body composition using this technique after 12 weeks. These participants were older, overweight or obese men in their 50’s and 60’s. In the second study, in just 12 weeks the men lost nearly 12 pounds of fat and gained 5 pounds of lean mass without dieting or taking any supplements! Men this age using traditional weight training usually gain at most a few pounds of lean mass and lose virtually no fat. Plus, as any bodybuilder will tell you, it is normally extremely hard to gain muscle and loss fat at the same time. This study used the same high intensity technique as the study on REE, but they incorporated it into a circuit training type of workout which they did 3 days a week for 50 minutes at a time. The energy cost of the workout itself was 311 calories. This means that only a total 3 pounds of fat loss can be contributed to the workout itself. The other 9 pounds could only be contributed to an increase in REE. That means their REE had to increase by an incredible 375 calories a day to account for the other 9 pounds of fat loss! Remember the first study showed a 452 calorie increase in REE after about a day. Considering this was 375 calories a day over 2 (and even 3) days the results are close to what you would expect based on the first study. Since you expect the the REE to decrease 2 days after the workout. The 3rd study was even more impressive in terms of fat loss. The participants lost an astounding 15 pounds of fat in 12 weeks, however this group did not gain a significant amount of lean body mass They did the same type of training as the second group and were about the same age. Also, in this study, compared to the group that did a traditional circuit training workout, the high intensity group lost an incredible 12 more pounds than their counterparts doing traditional circuit training. Subtracting out the calorie cost of the exercise itself (3 pounds) means that this group lost the same 12 pounds through an increase in REE. That’s an even more impressive 500 extra calories a day burned through an increase in REE. A fantastic bonus to this exercise routine is that you will gain much more strength in a shorter period of time than any standard weight resistance routine for such a short amount of workout time. I personally saw gains in assisted pullups from a starting weight of 100 pounds to zero pounds in less than a year. AND I’M 65 YEARS OLD! 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